2nd Raspberry Jamboree – After Show Party

After the (semi) serious business of workshops, talks and panel sessions was over and the various exhibitors started had started breaking down their stands it was party time!  The Jamboree coincided with the Raspberry Pi’s 2nd birthday.  OK, technically that’s on the 29th Feb but why let that ruin a good excuse for a party?!

In the run up to the Jam Lisa “@elsie_m_” Mather had offered to help organise some of the after show party.  In true Alan “@teknoteacher” O’Donohoe style, this ended up being Lisa organising the whole shabang…. and an wonderful job she did too!

Name Badge

Pre Party Party

Well, less of a “party” more of a “working party” was formed from those willing, and those walking past, to get the room sorted in the hour we had between talks and the party start time.  With frenetic pace name badges were constructed, tables laid, swag bags filled, freebie Rubiks cubes distributed and Pi themed side shows were put together.



Awards, Cakes and Games

At 5pm the unwashed masses were let into the room with Alan O’D compering like we were a Yr 7 & 8 assembly and Lisa hooning round the place like her life depended on it.

There were games

…and Snake

There were awards (huge round of applause for Amy)

and there was prize winning cake!

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