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Micro:bit Pumpkin

As I write this post it’s Halloween in the UK.  I run a Code Club at a local school, and today is club day.  So why not combine the two with some digital pumpkin carving!

All you need is to print out a pumpkin shape to the size of a Microbit on some standard printer paper.  The LEDs are bright enough to shine through to display whatever pattern or shape you make.

The code can be as simple or as adventurous as you like.  Use the “show icon” block for one of the predefined shapes.  Use “show LEDs” to make your own.  Attach different shapes to different actions, or even animate it.


Here’s the Word Template I created.  The original pumpkin clipart is from and to the best of my knowledge is free for personal use.

LEGO Batman Clock Hack

Holy Batman

Inspired by Dan Aldred‘s LEGO Clock hacks ( and I picked up a broken Batman clock from eBay for some hacking shenanigans.  I had several aims, based on the great work of Dan before me

  • Add a Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD, which would allow both text and graphics to be displayed
  • Attempt to retain the existing button board
  • See if the on board piezo was usable
  • Light the white eyes behind the cowl

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