The Flux Capacitor

Layout without link wires, anodes are red - click to enlarge

Layout without link wires, anodes are red – click to enlarge

So there I am, only a few days left before I’m off to camp, by which point this project needs to be working and all kinds of awesome.  Then the long suffering, yet supportive Mrs ForToffee looks at what I’ve achieved and says…

Where’s the flux capacitor then?

She should really know better than to set me a challenge like that;  a quick order of 15 yellow LEDs that arrived the next day and we’re in business.

Using the some left over strip board I fashioned the ‘Y’ shape; 5 LEDs per line joining the anodes in each line to produce a common anode LED sequence.  This then allowed me to connect each line of the ‘Y’ to a spare anode on the “yellow” backpack giving me 15 addressable LEDs via 3 anodes and 5 cathodes.

Of course this means an update to the code.  So in the main loop I included

Move flux LEDs on one step

Which is achieved via the cycleLED function. This just lights the LED number it is passed and turns off  the previous one on the 3 lines to give the chase effect form the outer to the inner LED.  If I had time I would have coded some flash-ier sequences.

This was then all housed in a plastic box that used to contain business cards.  The anodes were connected to a12 – a14.


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