But Why?

Why what?

Because my parents thought it would be a good idea to have a child; little did they realise it would be me? (They subsequently attempted a version 2, jury’s still out on him too).

Because I use to play on my cousins Sprecturm ZX81, with the rubber keys? (ah, wobbly power connectors and tape loaded games).

Because my parents bought a Commadore IBM clone 486 SX20 about when I started secondary school and I’ve never looked back? (I trashed the DOS operating system at least once and managed upgrade the hard drive before I was 14). 

Because I joined Cub Scouts when I was 8 as a friend of mine did and I enjoyed it so much I want to give today’s young people the same opportunities.

Because I met a beautiful young woman at university who liked me and years later we got married and have a family.

Because I used to play a lot of Counter-Strike and friends said that they couldn’t hit me “for toffee”.

Why this blog?  Oh, I see! I built something with a Raspberry Pi, a fellow enthusiast and Scout leader took a photo of it, tweeted it, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation asked for build instructions.  I had to put them somewhere 🙂